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Looking for Roofing Shingles in Glendale, CA?

Here at Glendale Roofing LLC we cater for all roof shingle works.

What are roof shingles?

They are coverings found on rooftops made of individual materials that overlap each other. They are usually held by roof rafters. They are made from different materials such as metal, plastic wood, and composite materials.

The purpose of the roof shingle is to protect your roof from environmental damage. The different materials used to make roof shingles are made to withstand different types of climates.

The main types of roof shingles are:

  1. Asphalt

This the main type of roof shingle that people use especially when installing a new roof. They are easy to install and affordable too. They are of good quality but they are thinner than most types so they may wear out a bit faster than normal. They have a relatively long lifespan, long enough to not keep changing and replacing them every few years.

  1. Composite

Composite roof shingles are eco-friendly. They have a relatively affordable installation but a short lifespan.

  1. Solar

Solar roof shingles are firstly multipurpose; they can also provide solar energy in the form of electricity for the home. They are modern and elegant but a little bit pricey especially because of their multipurpose function. They have a fairly long lifespan.

  1. Slate tile

It has a long lifespan of almost 150 years. This is mainly because they are stone cast. They are extremely durable but are difficult to install. When installed, it provides a modern and stylish look to the home.

  1. Wood

They provide a stylish rustic feel to the home. They are fairly high maintenance and their durability and life span are directly dependant on the quality of maintenance provided. They are also quite costly.

  1. Architectural

They are extremely durable and tend to produce an elegant look and can be made to imitate wood designs. It requires very little t maintenance because of its durability and long life properties. The downside of this type of roof shingles is that it is very expensive.

  1. Rubber

It can easily be confused with asphalt shingles. They are easy to install but depending on how it’s done, the process can be expensive or cheap to do. They have a short lifespan but require minimum maintenance. This type is mostly preferred by commercial clients.

  1. Tile

These are common and easy to find in the market. They are pricey and easy to install. They are relatively long-lasting but that and their durability heavily depends on how well their installation is done.

  1. Metal

This type of roof shingles come in layers. They have different materials such as copper, Aluminium, zinc, and steel. They are very high maintenance but if maintained properly can serve for almost 100 years which is the longest lifespan than any roof shingle type.

Below is a list of services that we provide:

  • Good roofing services with professionalism
  • Consultation services
  • Roof installation services and repairs
  • City permits and permission
  • Provision of support documents
  • Cleaning up of the workplace and removal and disposal of the old roof

So with the above information, what is the best shingle type for a residential home?

 The best type recommended is the asphalt roof shingles.
This is because they offer maximum fire protection. They are also stylish and look good on most rooftops.
They are also quite affordable for most homes.

We look forward to hearing from you about all your roofing solutions.