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Looking for Roof Replacement company in Glendale, CA?

Here at Glendale Roofing LLC we cater for all residential roofing services.

House roofs go through a lot! They protect your precious home from harsh climates. 
Your roofs, like every other thing, tend to wear out by age. Therefore, to keep your home safe and well-protected, replacing roofs every 15-20 years is mandatory. 

Remember, roof replacement is not a one-time investment, as you will have to replace it if there is any significant leakage or asphalt shingle break.


Over the years, we have relished working closely on various projects to deliver the highest-quality roof replacement solutions. We maintain that high level of efficiency in everything we do.

Our expert roofers use the latest roofing techniques and equipment to bears the brunt of extreme temperature changes. From commercial to domestic, we have grown to provide regular care and maintenance like :

  • A strong foundation on installation 
  • Uncompromising roof valley
  • Leading craftsmanship
  • Consistent water flow
  • Proper ventilation (especially in bathrooms and kitchen)
  • Replacing old roofs

We offer a broad spectrum of roof styles and develop a roofing design that will make your roof stick strong for years without any trouble.


We provide a lenient cost towards our services that will not disappoint you. However, if you went for cheap products over quality ones, you might end up for replacement sooner than you anticipated.

Hence, make sure your insurance is in hand and opt for more quality services. The cost to replace a roof depends on several things such as roof size, geographic location, and shingle type.

Fixing or replacing a few shingles can differ in cost, but replacing a whole rooftop drastically changes the cost. As a leading residential roofing company, we are proud to say that our roofers carry remarkable workmanship and attention to details.


The homeowner’s insurance policy covers most of the houses’ expenses, including the roof structure. This insurance covers most of your roof expenses from specific hazards, including fire, storm, or a heavy downpour. 

Therefore, personal property coverage helps to replace roof ruins only if the damage or destruction occurs from a sudden misfortune or act of nature.


The maximum time for replacement should take up to 15-30 years for asphalt shingles and 20-25 years for wood shingles, depending upon the roof’s underlying structure for the best roof-life experience. 

Nevertheless, being completely unaddressed towards the situation and ignoring the fact that your roof is ageing with years, we are there to happily work with your building. So our team evaluate the problem and fix it as soon as possible.


Affording a new roof is easier said than done, and many won’t provide the service your roof deserves. But hey, there are various options to ease your burden. 

Homeowners’ insurance plays a big part in covering up your cost. 

Checking the roofs accordingly to avoid leakage is necessary and replacing them over the stipulated time.

We are committed to establishing a business with a proven record of catering to all the customers’ roofing needs at affordable prices. We propose an impressive guarantee on all the roof replacement services to complement any home while protecting it from the bad elements.

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