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Looking for Commercial Roof Replacement in Glendale, CA?

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Replacing your old roof

The first step in the commercial roof replacement process is to remove the existing roof. The removal begins with tearing up the old torch down membrane, large areas of the roof can be scraped and peeled off and special attention is given to the routing features like drains vents and skylights. Underneath of the torch down, the membrane is a layer of foam board insulation and it is reusable if the existing material is in good condition and if there is any apparent damage the board is replaced.

Beneath the insulation is the roof deck and these sheets provide structural integrity with the entire roof. Again, if there is any water damage or rot, these boards will be removed and replaced. Around the perimeter of the roof is aluminium drip edge, this component serves to direct water away from the fascia and into the drains on the roof. The tear-off ends when the roof in areas surrounding the home is clean of debris this ensures the roof is prepped and ready for the installation process.

Installing your new roof

Now that the old roof is removed and replacement roof decking is installed. The crew works to fit and replace the foam board insulation. Once the foam board is fitted and secured sheets of waterproof granular underlayment are rolled out to cover the entire roof, the underlayment is used to wrap any exposed fixtures edges and roof protrusions to ensure water tightness. Custom drip edge is made for the entire roof perimeter, aluminium sheet metal is measured and formed into a gravel group. The trip edges are fit onto the roof edge and screwed into place over the underlayment layer.

The drip edge seals the roof edges protecting the fashion, water cannot penetrate into the wood or insulation and it also directs water away from the roof edges toward the roof drains Then, the roof is ready for its final layer. Rubber granulated torch down seals the roof wall from water and weather. The heat from propane torches melts the polymer modified asphalt and secures the layer down. The torch down is fit over corners, seams and edges to ensure a watertight seal across the whole roof. Last but not least the chimney has refitted flashing and sailed tight with a heavy bead of caulk. once all the nooks and crannies are covered, thoroughly sealed and all layers are in place the cleans the roof and removes any loose debris.

What to look for when hiring a roofing contractor?

The biggest problem homeowners face is the selection of roofing contractor or roofing company for the roof replacement, but to help you out, here are a few tips to choose the perfect roofing contractor for the replacement of roof for your beautiful home. Get local referrals when selecting a roofing company, look for manufacturer’s designations, research thoroughly on the internet for better business rating and reviews, get an extensive warranty, choose a contractor which has safety certifications, check licensing and insurance certificates of the company and know your material choices when you decide to replace the roof as the roofing contractors which are not sincere with you might suggest you the expensive options of roofing materials to use.

Mother nature can be very damaging especially in extreme weathers, the roof is the most integral part of the home and most of the insurances cover such perils and cover total or partial costs of the roof replacement.

Need a roof replacement?

If you have decided to replace the roof of your home then there is no better option than our company, we’re here to help, we are big enough to cope and small enough to care. Offering quality services at competitive prices, to find out more. Contact us today via the phone number or a form on our website. If you are looking for Flat roofs, click here.