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Looking for Commercial Roof Maintenance in Glendale, CA?

Here at Glendale Roofing LLC we cater for all Commercial roofing services.

All Roofs require maintenance and frequent inspections and it is recommended that the homeowner must inspect their roofs every autumn and spring seasons and also after the hard weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, heavy snowfall or storms.

Life-span of commercial roofs

A typical roof may last from 30-40 years if installed properly but it also depends upon the type of material used to install the roof like felt or asphalt roofs are less durable than the slate roofs. If the roof starts to leak due to old age or material breakdown which usually occurs due to poor installation then it is better to replace the roof altogether instead of performing roof maintenance. Usually, a roof that is well-made, starts to show up around 20-year mark and if there are small leakages then the roof can be repaired but if there are multiple leakages or one big leakage then it is better to consider replacing the roof. If the installation of the roof was performed by inexperienced contractors then the condition might start to deteriorate sooner than the 20-year mark and that might cost you more money than what you tried to save in the first place.

Even if the roof was installed properly it needs regular inspection and maintenance so that it can live up to the maximum intended life span. Which is why it is pertinent to advise regarding the maintenance of the roof.

Increasing the life span of flat roofs

House owners can increase the life span of roofs by regular inspections and following few steps so that the flat roof remains durable. The inspection may sound like a regular chore but it does not need to be often performed as you might think, you can perform a visual inspection of the roof twice a year. Here are a few more steps you can take to increase the longevity of the flat roof such as cleaning the roof either by using a leaf blower or hiring professional, clear drainage, keep one-meter clearance from any overhanging tree limbs, keep an eye on your ceiling, checking roof after a storm.

Need maintenance of your flat roof?

Whatever your requirements, you can be confident that our company will provide a high-quality solution that not only looks good but can provide lasting low maintenance with a life expectancy in excess of 40 years. We’re here to help, we are big enough to cope and small enough to care. Offering quality services at competitive prices, to find out more. Contact us today via the phone number or a form on our website.