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Looking for Flat Roof Services in Glendale, CA?

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Pros of Flat roofs

The flat roof has been increasingly becoming a choice for commercial properties, the main reasons are the low cost and easy inspection of this type of roof surface besides that it also gives the facility for placing other heavy roofing properties and other household items on it but often issues like the leakages, cracking, block drainage etc appear. The biggest problem that may arise is when we identify the problem in the roofing incorrectly. The problems can be of all kinds ranging from ponding, watermarks, vegetation, cracking, blistering, rusting or missing nails, punctures and other problems.

The flat roof maintenance cycle

As a standard maintenance procedure, recoating of a flat roof should be performed every 5 years, it not only helps lengthen the life span of the roof but also increases its durability and effectiveness in protecting it from harsh UV rays.  Also, the roof felting requires three layers so if you want to calculate the area then measure just one layer and then triple the footage to guesstimate how much felt is required.

Life of a flat roof

A flat roof normally lasts for 30 to 40 years but till it completes its age, it still needs repairs and maintenances because of common issues like leakage, coating of the flat roof and other repairs can be performed by our team.


If you are worried about the costs of the roofing repair then it may be covered under home insurance policies. But mostly the home roofing insurance policies only cover the damages to the roofing caused by an act of nature or sudden accidental event that is not in control of the owner. Roofs that are older than 20 years often have a limited coverage. Most of the time the home insurance policies don’t cover the damage to the roofing caused due to the wear and tear with time. Mother nature can be very damaging especially in extreme weathers, the roof is the most integral part of the home and most of the insurances cover such perils and cover total or partial costs of the roof replacement.

Qualities of a reliable roofer

Before selecting a roofing service, the client should do his or her homework and choose a roofing contractor who is considerate of a client’s needs, considerate of the budget, experience and reliable, puts premium on time and genuinely guide you on the type of repair you need instead of recommending you all types of repairs and hoard your money.

Looking for a flat roof repair services or replacement?

Offering quality materials and highly skilled craftsmen, we can work across the country and adhere to the country’s construction standards. With us, you can buy with confidence and as an approved contractor you can be sure of peace of mind whether you’re looking for slate and tiled roofs or single-ply flat roofs. We’re here to help, we are big enough to cope and small enough to care. Offering quality services at competitive prices, to find out more. Contact us today via the phone number or a form on our website.